Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome to Cousins Cuisine!

This is both a test post and an introductory post for this new blog, Cousins Cuisine!

On this blog we will be giving out recipes, telling stories, and enjoying some fantastic food. Here is a bit about our writers to get you oriented:

Denise and Cindy are the two "Cousins" of the title, who post either as "Cousins Cuisine" - or, for Cindy, "Cindy - Cousins Cuisine." (Pesky Gmail!) They are mothers and cooks from northern Virginia and can't wait to get started. Catherine Lucia, Cindy's daughter, will not be posting much, but functions as webmaster, moderator, and of course, #1 fan.

Let's get started, shall we? Tell us about some of your favorite dishes, and we look forward to sharing ours.

-The Cousins


  1. I'd like you to do so!

    Not sure if my Recipes from Home and Abroad can be of any inspiration, but there are real cuisine links in the bottom row of the blog.


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